The Holy Angels Story Part 6: The Death of Father Tighe, March, 1900

This first pastor of Holy Angels Parish, Father Dennis Tighe, after a brief illness, suddenly died in March of 1900. In the obituary it was stated that in the history of Chicago there had never been such an outpouring of grief and sympathy or such a vast cortege as witnessed by Holy Angels Parish on Friday, March 30th, 1900.

The Holy Angels Story Part 2: People of Faith/Father Dennis Tighe 1879 - 1900

Being people of Faith, they were in great need of a place to worship. On February 19th, 1879, the Bishop of Chicago, the Right Reverend Thomas Foley died. A small group of twenty people asked the Administrator of the Diocese, the very Reverend John McMullen, if he would permit them to organize a Parish under the protection of the Holy Angels and to be known under that name.

The Holy Angels Story Part 1: Vision of America

I believe when God said "Let there be Light", He had a vision of the beautiful world he was creating. He must have been amazed at the reality of His vision...the heavens, the planets, the stars; the world, the rivers, hills, the mountains but above all the creatures who roam about to enjoy His beautiful creation.

The History

Alphabetical Biographies List
This is an alphabetical list of the prominent figures of Holy Angels' history.This list is a work in progress, and it will be made more complete over time:
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The History of the Pastors of Holy Angels Church
This is a reverse chronological list of the pastors of Holy Angels Catholic Church. This list is a work in progress, and it will be made more complete over time:

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