A World Outreach Blog featuring Deacon Bruce McElrath

A World Outreach Blog featuring Deacon Bruce McElrath

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There are many inspirational and reflective statements in our bible.

Let’s attempt to interpret two informative proclamations that have been given to us.

To “submit to the yoke” means to willingly come under God’s discipline and learn

what He wants to teach. This involves several important factors: (1) silent reflection

on what God wants, (2) repentant humility, (3) self-control in the face of adversity,

and (4) confident patience, depending on the divine Teacher to bring about loving

lessons in our life. God has several long-term and short-term lessons for us right

now. Are we doing our homework?

This call to “turn the other cheek” reminds us that sometimes God calls us to suffer

criticism and abuse for His purposes. Jesus taught His followers to turn the other

cheek (Mt 5:39), and He exemplified this at the highest level just before His

crucifixion (Mt 27:27-31). This however, should never be used to justify anyone’s

continue suffering of spousal or any kind of abuse.

Parents discipline children to produce right behavior. God disciplined Judah to

produce right living and genuine worship. We must not complain about discipline

but learn from it, trusting God and being willing to change. We must allow God’s

correction to bring about the kind of behavior in our life that pleases Him.

There are many statements in our Book and we must address them and

understand them to the best of our ability.

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