We must seek God, He is waiting!
Do you remember how you felt when you were very young and your birthday approached? You were excited and anxious. You knew you certainly receive gifts and other special treats. But some things would be a surprise. Birthdays combine assurance and anticipation, and so do faith! Faith is the conviction based on past experience that God’s new and fresh surprises will surely be ours.
The beginning point of faith is believing in God’s character. He is who He says. The end point is believing in God’s promises: He will do what He says. When we believe that God will fulfill His promises even though we don’t see those promises materializing yet, we demonstrate true faith.
God called the universe into existence out of nothing; He declared that it was to be, and it was. Our faith is in the God who created the entire universe by His word. God’s word has awesome power. When He speaks, do we listen and respond? How can we better prepare ourselves to respond to God’s word?
Believing that God exists is only the beginning even the demons believe that much (James 2:19, 20). God will not settle for mere acknowledgement of His existence. He wants a personal dynamic relationship with us that will transform our lives. Those who seek God will find that they are rewarded with His intimate presence.
We are truly special; we are the children of the King!

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