Beating Temptations

Beating Temptations
Jesus left the crowd and went into the desert where He was tempted by Satan. Temptation is bad for us only when we give in.
We should not hate or resent times of inner testing, because through them God can strengthen our character and teach us valuable lessons. When you face Satan and must deal with his temptations and the confusion he brings, remember Jesus. Jesus used God’s Word against Satan and won. You can do the same.
To be tempted is not a sin. Tempting others or giving in to temptation is sin.
Because Jesus faced temptations and overcame, He can assist us in two important ways: (1) as an example of how to face temptation without sinning, and (2) as a helper who knows just what we need because He went through the same experience.
Jesus is like us because he experienced a full range of temptations throughout His life as a human being. We can be comforted knowing that Jesus faced temptation – He can sympathize with us. We can be encouraged knowing that Jesus faced temptation without giving in to sin.
Jesus shows us that we do not have to sin when facing the seductive lure of temptation.
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