Separation is negative, companionship is essential!

Separation is negative, companionship is essential!
Some people are lazy while others are workaholics. The lazy person, seeing the pointlessness of running here and there for success, idles away his time and hurts both himself and those who depends on him.
The workaholic is often driven by envy, greed, and a constant desire to stay ahead of everyone else. Both extremes are foolish and irresponsible.
The answer is to work hard but with moderation. Take time to enjoy the other gifts God has given, and realize that it is God who gives out the assignments and the rewards, not us.
There are many advantages to cooperating with others. Our lives are designed for companionship, not isolation. We are designed for intimacy, not loneliness. We can and will grow with the assistance of others.
There are some people who prefer isolation, they think and sincerely believe that they cannot trust anyone so therefore they stay to themselves.
We are not here on earth to serve ourselves, however but to serve God and others. We must not isolate ourselves and try to go it alone. We must and should seek companions; be a team member.
Advancement or getting to the top is absolutely meaningless. Position, popularity, and prestige are poor goals for a life’s work, although many seek them, they are shadows without substance.
Many people seek recognition for their accomplishments, but people are fickle, changing quickly and easily. It is much better to seek God’s approval. God’s love never changes.

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