Jesus is Greater than Moses

Jesus is Greater than Moses
For Jews the highest human authority was the high priest. For us Christians, the highest human authorities were God’s messengers, the apostles. Jesus, God’s Messenger and High Priest, is the ultimate authority in the church.
There are many different pictures to explain Jesus’ relationship to believers: He is (1) the Messenger of God, to whom we should listen; (2) our High Priest, through whom we come to God the Father; and (3) the ruler of God’s house (“in charge of the entire household”), whom we should obey. The Bible is filled with different names for and pictures of Jesus Christ, and each one reveals something more about His nature and ministry.
To the Jewish people, Moses was a great hero; he had led their ancestors, the Israelites, from Egyptian bondage to the border of the Promise Land. He also had written the first five books of the Old Testament, and he was the prophet through whom God had given the law; therefore, Moses was the greatest prophet in the Scriptures.
But Jesus is worthy of greater honor as the central figure of faith than Moses, who was merely a human servant. Jesus is more than human; He is God Himself (Heb. 1:3).
As Moses led the people of Israel out of Egyptian bondage, so Jesus leads us out of the sin’s slavery. Why settle for Moses, the author of the book of Hebrews asks, when you can have Jesus Christ, who appointed Moses?
Moses was faithful to God’s calling not only to deliver Israel but also to prepare the way for the Messiah (“his work was an illustration of the truths God would reveal later”).
All the Old Testament believers also served to prepare the way. So, knowing the Old Testament is the best foundation for understanding the New Testament.
In reading the Old Testament we see (1) how God used people to accomplish His purposes, (2) how God used events and personalities to illustrate important truths, (3) how, through prophets, God announced the Messiah, and (4) how, through the system of sacrifices, God prepared people to understand the Messiah’s work.
If we include the Old Testament in our regular Bible reading, the New Testament will grow clearer and more meaningful to us.
Because Jesus lives in us as believers, we can remain courageous and hopeful to the end. We are not saved by being committed and firm in our faith, but our courage and hope do reveal that our faith is real.
Without this persistent faithfulness our faith could easily be blown away by the winds of temptation, false teaching, or persecution.
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