09.14.2014. A Celebration for Sammy Basso.

The Reverend Andrew C. Smith, Jr., the Pastor of Holy Angels Catholic Church, presides over the Mass conducted at the Church on September 14, 2014.

This Mass conducted at Holy Angels Catholic Church, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A is celebrated for Sammy Basso, a young man from Italy who is suffering from Progeria, a rare genetic disorder which is manifested by an extreme form of advanced aging. Sammy has lived to be eighteen years of age, a world record for someone with this genetic disorder as most do not live to see their teen years.

Sammy is accompanied by his parents and a film crew from Standbyme.tv of Rome, Italy. http://Standbyme.tv is a subsidiary of The National Geographic Corporation, which is producing a documentary following Sammy's journey through the United States. He meets African American Catholics, Amish Americans, an authentic Native American (Indian) Chief, and members of various other American cultures. The Standbyme.tv documentary will be released Christmas Day, 2014 in Italy on the Catholic Bishops Television Network. An English version of the documentary will be released for viewing in the United States.

Gregory Evans Callaway: Videographer & Photographer
Rex Djere: Lead Web Designer and Developer

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