Deacon Leroy T. Gill, Jr.

Deacon Gill.

Deacon LeRoy T. Gill Jr. served as the Permanent Deacon at Holy Angels Church from 2006-2013. Deacon Gill and his wife Teresa raised their four children in the Church before receiving their call to the Diaconate.

During the seven years Deacon Gill served at Holy Angels he began addressing the issue of violence, and issues that face families in our African American Community of Faith. Deacon Gill continues to encourage all to become involved in the tough issues in our society that threaten the well-being of families, and community. Deacon Gill works to build up, encourage, and equip families to be confident in their ability to live out and share the Gospel message.

Deacon Gill received the St. Stephen the Deacon Award which is the highest award given to any Deacon in January 2012 for his work on Non Violence.
While serving at Holy Angels Church Deacon Gill’s accomplishments were:

  • The formation of the Men’s Coalition
  • The formation of the Rosary Garden
  • The formation of the Church Picnic
  • The formation of the Breakfast with Santa
  • The formation of the Men to Boys Basketball Game
  • The formation of Family Movie Night
  • The formation of the Valentine’s Day Stepper’s Set

Deacon Gill is continues serving the Catholic Church, presenting the gospel in a variety of spiritually stimulating and culturally relevant ways, as it is essential in connecting people to God and their calling. Deacon Gill believes we must view the community God has placed us in as a mission field and continue to ask, "how do we serve the people of God?"