05.11.2014. In The Belly of a Fish. By Deacon Bruce McElrath.

In The Belly of a Fish

Jonah must have been very uncomfortable in the belly of the fish. Yet there are many people in this dark and suffocating world who seem to think that the place they find themselves is a pretty good place to be. They believe that the world needs only a few social and political improvements. And they also hold that people themselves possess the ability to make all the needed changes.

04.20.2014. Deacon Says: A Blog by Deacon Bruce McElrath.

Stick out your tongue

One of the first things that a doctor says when he examines a patient is, “Let me see your tongue.” It is often possible to make a diagnosis just by looking inside a person’s mouth. Some diseases can be detected by the tongue’s appearance.

This is even truer as a test of spiritual health. A person’s speech reveals what is going on inside. Jesus said, “Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks” (Mt. 12:34).

03.23.2014. Deacon Says: A Blog by Deacon Bruce McElrath.


When was the last time you heard anything good about the prophet Jonah? He disobeyed God when He told him to go to the wicked city of Nineveh to preach His message of judgment. The Lord called him to go northeast, but Jonah boarded a ship heading west. God had to send a storm and a fish to help him change his mind - and his direction!